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Control EP
DJ Manny
Planet µ
Catalogue Number
Release Date
25 agosto 2023

A five track reminder of DJ Manny's open-ended footwork before his next album drops. Starting with the r&b half time footwork of 'Control', which might remind older listeners of purple dubstep with its spacious groove and robotic samples. Next up is 'Spaceship', a minimal exploration of artfully weird keys and dubbed vocals. 'Bang This Joint' is another minimal track that slowly builds into footwork's 808 rhythms with hypnotic vocal cut-ups. 'Let It Break' is jungle juke, with its amen breaks cut into short patterns using a panning sample of the 'Think break' vocal and dub fx to give the track a funky suppleness. 'Time Travel' finishes the EP with a spacious and gentle eighties boogie feel completed with real bass guitar. DJ Manny always finds very natural ways to stretch footwork into new shapes and moods. Enjoy the EP and look out for the album in November.

Lista de pistas digitales

  1. 1 Control 2:49 Comprar


  2. 2 Spaceship 3:13 Comprar


  3. 3 Bang This Joint 3:25 Comprar

    Bang This Joint

  4. 4 Let It Break 2:52 Comprar

    Let It Break

  5. 5 Time Travel 4:02 Comprar

    Time Travel

DJ Manny

DJ Manny

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