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Flood City Trax
Planet µ
Catalogue Number
Release Date
7 április 2023
  • Letöltés

    Előrendelés $9.99
    Formátum kiválasztása

    320 kbps, LAME-kódolt

    Elérhető: 7 április 2023

Nondi_ is the alias of Tatiana Triplin, a US producer based in Johnstown, Pennsylvania, who also runs the net label HRR, releasing the music of friends and herself under various aliases. Her brother is the up and coming MC, Eem Triplin.

The music Nondi_ makes is informed by footwork, breakcore and Detroit techno. However, as she's only experienced them via the internet, she has has filled the gaps with her imagination and consequently the music is rendered from a dreamlike solitude that feels adjacent to other internet genres such as vaporwave. Her tracks are gauzy and abstract, smeared with gentle melody, rusty tones and occasional shafts of sunlight, sometimes set to a distant pulse, sometimes collapsing as if the music itself is falling apart.

Of the album she says:

"Flood City Trax is music that captures the mood of living in a town like Johnstown, and more broadly the isolation of poverty. That's the environment these tracks came out of, after all. Johnstown is a very poor isolated small factory town in Western Pennsylvania which has a dark history of deadly floods, the most well known being the 1889 flood which was like something out of a horror story and the 1977 flood which the Triplin family survived. Johnstown has never moved past its floods, hence the nickname "Flood City". There's very little to do and every year the town shrinks more, and more buildings are knocked down or condemned. Everything is old but simultaneously the past seems like it has just disappeared."

Digitális számlista

  1. 1 FCD (Floaty Cloud Dream) 4:23 Vásárlás

    FCD (Floaty Cloud Dream)

  2. 2 Orchid Juke 2:56
  3. 3 Sun Juke 3:00 Vásárlás

    Sun Juke

  4. 4 Nondi Shadow 2:38
  5. 5 Euphonic Daydream 2:15
  6. 6 01-25-2022 2:08
  7. 7 Healing Rain 2:04
  8. 8 Dusty 3:19
  9. 9 Nostalgic Vision 2:38
  10. 10 Long Ago 4:45
  11. 11 Sentimental Juke 3:21
  12. 12 Harmoyear 2:58
--:-- --:--

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