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Dream Boundary
Ital Tek
Planet µ
Catalogue Number
Release Date
7 augusztus 2020

'Dream Boundary' follows up Ital Tek's recent album 'Outland' with this short suite of tracks that were made during the same period but seemed to fall outside that album's remit.

On this EP things are less calm, more fiercely hallucinated. Contrasts are turned up and everything is covered in a layer of grime. Silence is used with sometimes disorientating aggression, riding across heavy drums, melodies tumbling, forced out of the near collapse.

Digitális számlista

  1. 1 01 Deletion Quarter 5:16 Vásárlás

    01 Deletion Quarter

  2. 2 02 Dream Boundary 4:10 Vásárlás

    02 Dream Boundary

  3. 3 03 Wintered 2:59 Vásárlás

    03 Wintered

  4. 4 04 Time Burns Heavy 6:15 Vásárlás

    04 Time Burns Heavy

  5. 5 05 Nocturn 3:01 Vásárlás

    05 Nocturn

Ital Tek

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